The QEP is the first and only credential of its kind. It is a multi-media, multi-disciplinary, fully accredited credential that requires environmental professionals to see “the big picture” and to have the skills and knowledge to solve “real-world problems”.

Through the QEP certification, environmental professionals demonstrate the breadth and depth of their knowledge and experience. They also agree to abide by the BGC Code of EthicsClick here for more information on the QEP. (While we are updating our website, this link will redirect to an outside site.)


The Environmental Professional In-Training (EPI) program is an optional first step toward obtaining QEP status for environmental students and professionals just beginning their careers. The EPI certificate is an opportunity for students who anticipate entering the environmental field, or for graduates who have entered the field within the last five years, to demonstrate personal knowledge of general environmental science. They also agree to abide by the BGC Code of Ethics.   Click here for more information on the EPI.